MAGI - chain maintainence

As there recently came issues of network splitting in MAGI's blockchain, and the issue has kept going on, we conclude a temporary solution. For details see the post

As I received many requests of no-rollback and also many posts here, we will take the majority that we will go on with the chain on as is, NO ROLLBACK. However, I strongly believe the PoW reward needs a reset at this mode before fix is released in the near future, and the number I have in mind is maximum 15 XMG / block. This is a temporary solution so that we keep chain / mining going. I temporarily shut the node down until we make release of the wallet. Please be prepare for the mining which can be done through solo mining. Please ask if you have questions of starting up solo mining. In the meantime, we seek pools like NOMP; few people present help on NOMP. I appreciate this.

The target time of new wallet and having the chain up is tomorrow (8/24/2017), at 7:00 PM EST time.

Rest assured we won't touch the chain on We will just let it grow, and always take as the best chain. If you lost connection to it, pls have a reconnection. Sorry, again this is a temporary solution.

I will post detailed docs before 8/24/2017 at 7:00 PM EST time.

In parallel efforts of fixing the issue, we will make a separate test field, either testnet or a different chain.